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Highland Coffee Roastery is in the beautiful mountain resort town of Clarens in the Eastern Free State, South Africa.

We are a micro-roastery, and take great care and pride in roasting our 100% Arabica coffees to perfection in small batches.

Our roastery, shop and espresso bar is in the On The Square Centre, where you can sit and relax with a cup of freshly roasted, freshly ground and perfectly prepared coffee and enjoy the beautiful view of Mount Horeb.

Our Coffees

Highland Coffee Signature Blends

Espresso Blend

A blend of four origins - Brazil, Rwanda, Colombia and Guatemala - roasted medium to dark, or Full City+ to maximise the sweetness and bring the acidity of the medium roast down a little.

The resulting flavour is complex, full-bodied and rich with an irresistible aroma and chocolaty taste experience - think dark chocolate covered orange peel candies...

Great for any preparation method, but particularly suited for espresso, cappuccino and other milky drinks where the addition of milk really highlights the chocolaty aftertaste.

Mountain Blend

A blend of three medium, or City roast origins - Rwanda, Colombia and Guatemala.

Good acidity and flavour giving a medium strength, bright and refreshing taste experience, with a lemony citrus acidity and sweet floral aroma.

A versatile blend, suitable for any method of preparation hot or cold, but particularly good in French press or filter.

Single Origin Coffees

South America


Single Estate Barbosa Gold Cerrado

Sweet aroma with hints of chocolate powder. Medium acidity and body. Complex fruit flavours (litchi) that lends to a juicy yet creamy mouth-feel. Slight dark chocolate notes in the after-taste.



Beautiful sweet aroma. Good acidity with some sweetness in the complex flavour with good body. Smooth finish with an acceptable after taste. Colombian coffee is well balanced overall, which makes it a safe choice.

Central America

Costa Rica


Balanced bright acidity. Subtle flavour with pronounced sweetness. Syrupy/ creamy mouth feel. Caramelised sugarcane finish in the aftertaste. A smooth and soft coffee overall.


Finca El Morito.

This coffee is famous for its heavy body, decidedly chocolatey notes, with hints of vanilla and citrus. El Morito's coffee earned the 2nd highest price paid for Cup of Excellence competition coffee anywhere in the world in 2014.


Sejonia Estate

Smooth rich aroma with hints of chocolate powder. Citric acidity with enough body. Orange flavour comes through and finishes with sweet chocolate notes.



Kivu Lake

AB grade, Semi Washed

Slight fruitiness in the aroma. Citric acidity with fair body. Lemony flavour with hints of spice (salty) and a sweet finish.



An exceptional coffee from the origin of all coffees – mild overall, with delicious clean high citrus notes and a distinct orange blossom aroma. Bright acidity with a sweet and elegant finish. Good body. Delicious as an espresso and exceptional filtered.


AB Blue Mountain Type

Rich fruited aroma. Medium sweet citric acidity. Complex fruited flavours (some berry) with hints of dark chocolate in the after-taste. Well rounded cup.


Bugisu Mount Elgin AA

Great coffee – fairly heavy bodied with a syrupy mouth feel, medium to low acidity. As a dark roast, this coffee presents a pleasant liquorice aftertaste when drunk black, with an overall strong but smooth taste. As a full city+ roast (med dark), the aftertaste leans more towards cherry liquor.




A stunning Indonesian coffee. Strong but smooth, with a syrupy super thick body, spicy aroma, slightly fruity taste and mild acidity.

This origin is one half of a traditional Mocca Java - the Java part - and makes an incredible espresso. Really good in filter and delicious as is.

We post our coffee anywhere in South Africa

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Meet Our Awesome Team
Chris Pefanis - Main Roaster

Chris Pefanis

Roast Master

Daniel Mokoena - Shop Manager

Daniel Mokoena

Shop Manager

Gillie Mokoena - Barista

Gillie Mokoena


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Van Zyl cnr Market St East, Clarens, Free State, South Africa
058 256 1136
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