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Espresso on the go

A few months back we were introduced to the super cool and ultra portable espresso maker, the Handpresso, by a Highland Coffee customer who bought one in France and we had the opportunity to give it a go. We were super impressed by this little beauty, and are just as pleased to announce they are now available in South Africa!

Unllike other portable espresso makers, this one is pressurised with a hand pump just like a bicycle pump, so you never need to buy any additional consumables to operate it. You can also choose to use your own choice of espresso ground coffee, or pre-ground and packaged espresso pods.

The standard ‘hybrid’ model will need a hot water source, but the deluxe Auto model, powered via the accessory or cigarette lighter plug will heat the water and prepare your espresso in 2 minutes!

We’ve made enquiries to www.handpresso.co.za and plan to be stocking them from June 2013.

Handpresso Hybrid

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