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We post our coffee anywhere in South Africa

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About Us

Highland Coffee Roastery is in the beautiful mountain resort town of Clarens in the Eastern Free State, South Africa.

We are a micro-roastery, and take great care and pride in roasting our 100% Arabica coffees to perfection in small batches.

Our roastery, shop and espresso bar is in the On The Square Centre, where you can sit and relax with a cup of freshly roasted, freshly ground and perfectly prepared coffee and enjoy the beautiful view of Mount Horeb.

Our Coffees

Highland Coffee Signature Blends

Espresso Blend

Our very popular house blend that we serve in our cafe.

A blend of four origins - Brazil Barbosa Gold, Ethiopia Sidamo, Colombia Popoyan and Guatemala Finca el Morito - roasted medium to dark.

The resulting flavour is complex, full-bodied and rich with an irresistible aroma and chocolatey taste experience - think dark chocolate covered orange peel candies...

Great for any preparation method, but particularly suited for espresso based drinks where the addition of milk highlights the chocolatey aftertaste.

Mountain Blend

A blend of three medium roasted origins - Ethiopia Sidamo, Colombia Popoyan and Guatemala Finca el Morito.

Our Mountain Blend offers well balanced acidity and sweetness; giving a medium strength, bright and refreshing taste experience.

A versatile and popular choice, suitable for any method of preparation hot or cold, and particularly good in filter or French press.

We call it our Crowd Pleaser ^_^

Single Origin Coffees





Medium roast. Tea rose, apricoty aroma. Sweet, stoned fruits in flavour, citric acidity, with hints of cocoa powder finish. 

The growing regions of Ethiopia are among the most recognizable names in coffee, and are used to sell the coffee today and probably will be in the foreseeable future. The genetic potential of the indigenous and wild varieties of Arabica make the future of coffee in Ethiopia an exciting one, too.

Sidamo produces a mixture of washed and naturally processed coffees that are incredibly popular among those who enjoy a fruity and intensely aromatic cup. This region grows some of the highest coffee in Ethiopia.


AB Blue Mountain Type

Full fruited aroma.

Good medium citric (orange) acidity with medium to high body (bold). Fruited notes of which berries, cherries and grape dominate. Quite sweet with a clean, crisp, lingering after-taste.


Bugisu Mount Elgin AA

Great coffee - fairly heavy bodied with a syrupy mouth feel.

Medium to low acidity, with an overall strong but smooth taste.

With a medium dark roast, the aftertaste leans towards cherry liquor.

Central America

Costa Rica

Bromelia Fancy

Medium dark roast, washed

Fruity-apple, with walnuts in the aroma. Creamy and smooth with complex berry notes and a lingering dark chocolaty aftertaste. Med malic acidity and excellent body.

Produced by the Palmares Cooperative with 1350 members

Many small farms are united in cooperatives (founded in 1962) – 1351 members, with all benefits, including medicare, all coffee produced by members. Bromelia production since 1998


Finca El Morito

Medium dark roast. Roasted Almonds, hints of chocolate. Fruited flavour, notes of Marzipan with a malic acidic aftertaste. 

The Morito farm is owned by the family since Monterroso planted the first coffee plant in 1979. The cherry is carefully cut and then passes to the wet process. The coffee is then de-pulped with recycled water. The coffee is later fermented in tanks for 10 hours and washed with fresh water.


SAJONIA ESTATE - Datali El Diablo

The Campesinos Coffee Collection is born out the urgent need witnessed by Sajonia Estate Coffee over the many years of working with coffee growers, to promote a sustainable coffee market, while empowering small coffee farmers (campesinos) by providing a direct route to outside markets.

The coffee from the lands of Datanlí El Diablo is the one we present on this occasion. This reserve has a maximum height of 1,680 m. and it is located in the Isabelia mountain range, between the departments of Matagalpa and Jinotega, in the north of Nicaragua.

This reserve goes from the limits of the lake of Apanás, to the heights of the steep mountains of Cerro Datanlí.

In recent years this reserve has been an attractive ecotourism destination due to its tropical landscapes and its diverse fauna and flora. Activities such as tours to observe wildlife, hiking or coffee routes are common in this reserve.

South America


Barbosa Gold Pulped Natural

Full fruited aroma with hints of burnt caramel.

Medium citric acidity with good medium  body. Creamy with fruited flavours as well as hints of nuts and some cocoa notes in the after-taste.


Popoyan Supremo 

Medium dark roast.

Beautiful sweet and deep dark chocolaty aroma with honey and chocolaty notes. Mild malic acidity with a bold body mouthfeel. Fruited (green apple) flavours with chocolaty notes in the aftertaste.

Colombian coffee is generally well balanced, which makes it a safe and popular choice.


Colombia Exelso MC process 

MC Decaf Method

This process involves submerging the green coffee beans in continuously running hot water. The water becomes filled with caffeine molecules; it is then drained and blended with methylene chloride. Methylene chloride binds easily with caffeine molecules. The caffeine-chemical complex boils and vaporizes at 45⁰ C, thus removing the caffeine and the binding solvent. The water is then reintroduced to the beans, where they reabsorb their flavour. This process is repeated until decaffeination is complete.This process is known as the indirect method, since the methylene chloride never comes in direct contact with the coffee beans. Methylene chloride is a known carcinogen and highly toxic, nevertheless, the chances of getting methylene chloride poisoning from coffee is so small as to be non-existent.

This is because the chemical boils at such low temperatures that it is easy to remove it from the green coffee. Furthermore, coffee is roasted at about 210⁰ C, and brewed at nearly 95⁰ C, so all traces of the solvent are effectively removed from the final cup. Methylene chloride is also recovered and reused for future decaffeinating operations, making the process environmentally sound.

We post our coffee anywhere in South Africa

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